4/28: Guest lecturing at Towson University 

I've been invited to do a guest lecture about DJing, Ableton Live, and different ways to integrate Ableton into a production & performance setting thanks to the Towson Audio Production Society (T.A.P.S.)! This will take place at Towson University on 4/28 and will be hosted in MC006 from 6:15p-7:30p on the bottom floor of the the Media Center building!  

I'd like to do my best to make this as applicable as possible to anyone who'd like to attend, so if there are any questions you have, or things you'd like me to discuss about Ableton Live, DJing or anything along those lines, feel free to let me know on my Facebook page!


Music Monday: ”I Remember” by Deadmau5 &... 

Music Monday: ”I Remember” by Deadmau5 & Kaskade

Things I learned today:

- iPhone 5S  costs WAY too much to get fixed at the apple store

- Guile’s theme goes with EVERYTHING

- Listen to every single from every new album

- Spring is hear

- Word to shiny foreheads

Music Monday: “Ultra Green (Sean J 2014 Remix)”... 

Music Monday: “Ultra Green (Sean J 2014 Remix)” by Costa Martinez

I first heard the Costa Martinez’s song a few years ago, and had been playing it out for quite a while. I love the deep house sounds and chilled out lounge vibe of the original, but I felt it was lacking energy to play outside of a lounge setting. I first made my own personal remix of “Ultra Green” and had was happy fairly happy with it but felt that I wasn’t finished with it. This year, when I decided it was time to finish the remix and give it a more complete sound, I somehow lost the session! I decided to start from the bottom again, and add the energy it needed to be playable to a dance-floor with some new ideas I’ve had since the first version. Now… here is my 2014 remix of “Ultra Green”! 

Music Monday: “Papa was a rollin’ stone (DJ Jazzy... 

Music Monday: “Papa was a rollin’ stone (DJ Jazzy Jeff and Pete Kuzma Solefull Mix)” by The Temptations

At the D.C. record fair last summer/spring I picked up this record…

…When I first saw the cover, i of course was interested, but personally the most appealing part was seeing Jazzy Jeff’s name in the credits. As with most DJs, he is one of my favorite DJs of all time, and as such a prominent name and innovator in DJ culture it is well deserved. Until reading his name and researching it, I wasn’t familiar with Pete Kuzma, but I’m glad I checked out his discography because this guy is DOPE on the keys. That all considering the Rhodes keyboards are by far my favorite melodic sound! 

Music Monday: “Balmes” by Ian Pooley feat.... 

Music Monday: “Balmes” by Ian Pooley feat. Esthero

Pure nostalgia here. When I first started as a b-boy, there were a series of practice spots around the region.These spots tend to be on college campuses or in a studio that someone has connections with. People typically went to whatever practice spot that was closest to them. I lived in Towson, Maryland and went to school at Towson University so that became my main practice spot. Well to make a loooooong story short, this song somehow was played by someone at EVERY practice. It basically became a tradition, where at the Towson practices, somewhere near the end of the night we would all just feel the vibe of this song. Suddenly it wasn’t about getting that move you couldn’t stick, but just… dancing! Dancing with the people who l to this day consider my family. It’s funny to look back on moments like this, that went on for years. Somthing that I find funny about this: in my humble beginnings as a DJ, I would play this song ALL the time, but very rarely did people other than the towson crew really connect with this song.